Am i too shallow dating

19-Nov-2017 08:57

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We're sitting there, you know, and she's got her bare feet up on the couch, and l notice that her second toe is, like, half an inch longer than her big toe.

Well, couldn't she get the toe filed down or something?

ls there one specific time where you were really shallow?

And you're looking in the eyes of a woman, and you're feeling her heart.

l don't hear till tomorrow, but guess who is now officially going out with Jill.

l'm gonna try to catch her on the way home, see if she wants to get a drink.

Yeah, a little too OK, ifyou know what l'm talkin' about.

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Maybe for some people there's a little spark in the beginning, but for most, the attraction part happens way later.

You're just fixated on the outside appearances of people. OK, Tony, l think you're getting a little cabin fever. What if l told you by doing this, you could have the most beautiful women in the world and they'd want you?

So you'll respond to that, because that, my friend, is where the true beauty lies.

l didn't put them in a position where they had to promote me or lose me.

And to make matters worse, Jill dumped me last night.

Look, l think my boy has a right to say goodbye to his father.

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